Why Epidemiology?

I’ll tell you, because healthy communities require consilient thinkers. That’s why you invest in Epidemiologists. Even though the cost of continuous empirical connections can be emotionally exhausting to the necessarily engaged scientists and the decision makers that rely on their judgement. When you remove the bootstrap epidemiologists, or even worse just replace them with yes women/men, toxic opportunistic pathogens rise to fill the gaps.

Alas, the scientific method does make the discussion gloomier at times, and harder overall when leveraged effectively, but masking uncertainty to benefit from the spoils of the status quo will always yield greater harm to future generations left to untie the Knots.

These are just a few of the lessons my first Epidemiology professor La’Shan D Taylor imparted to me and why I will always be proud of my distinction as true bootstrap Epidemiologist like Dr. Taylor taught me and so many others to be, for La’Shan did slay ever day, and left no Gordian knots behind in her wake.